Sunday, July 2, 2017

Ubuntu - Copy large number of files easily to Android Phone


The MTP protocol for transferring files to and from an Android Phone is utter garbage, especially when transferring a large number of files (like your Music collection for the first time - on my Google Pixel). The connection inevitably fails in the middle of the transfer, which is slow to boot.


USB tether your phone to your computer (read if you get stuck). You don't even need internet pass-through, just an IP Address (so you can use sudo dhclient usb0 instead of sudo dhcpcd usb0 if you are using the terminal).

Next follow to set up an ssh connection. Once you have that you are home free.

I use lftp over ssh to copy all the files I want. I even have a simple lftp bookmark set up:
pixel sftp://abid:xx@pixel
where my ssh config section is titled "pixel" and the password "xx" is just a red-herring since ssh is configured to use an RSA key for authentication. This bookmark allows me to access my phone's files using a simple lftp pixel.

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